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Now that's the Obama admin we know

May 11, 2010:

Hillary Clinton: Pakistani officials know where Osama bin Laden hiding

May 2, 2011:

Clinton thanked everyone involved in taking down bin Laden and pointed to “our close cooperation with Pakistan,” which she said “helped put unprecedented pressure on al Qaeda and its leadership.”

No, wait:

[John Brennan] called it “inconceivable” that Pakistan was not providing a “support system” for Osama bin Laden, who was killed Sunday in a raid in a mansion north of the capital city of Islamabad.

And furthermore:

[John Brennan] was also careful to praise the Pakistanis for being “as much if not more on the front lines against terrorism.”

Ahhhh. But really, they had me at “buried at sea according to Islamic tradition.”

(And seriously: Did we also take pains to shoot him in the face according to Islamic tradition? Was it a culturally sensitive face-shooting?)