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Report: OBL's compound was an ISI safe house

Via Ace, a very disturbing report if it turns out to be true.

“This area had been used as ISI’s safe house, but it was not under their use any more because they keep on changing their locations,” a senior intelligence official confided to Gulf News. However, he did not reveal when and for how long it was used by the ISI operatives. Another official cautiously said “it may not be the same house but the same compound or area used by the ISI”.

The official also confirmed that the house was rented out by Afghan nationals and is not owned by the government. The house is located just 800 metres away from the Pakistan Military Academy and some former senior military officials live nearby.

There are a lot of possibilities here, among them that this is disinformation for the purpose of undermining what’s left of Pakistan’s credibility. That they have been our frenemy has been clear for years. But if that compound was a safe house at some point in the seven years since it was built, and OBL ended up getting traced to it and killed there…well, for one thing, it would clear up any lingering question about why the US didn’t notify Pakistan prior to the raid.