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Condemn this awful act of illegal American violence!

A year ago, Israel’s Mossad targeted a Hamas operative in Dubai. It was a clean hit: he was killed in a hotel room. No collateral damage. They just had to change the sheets.

There was a lot of outrage, of course. ‘This is a breach of international law.” “The Israelis disregard national boundaries.” “It is stupid because targeted killings don’t solve anything.” This one was also often used: “Israel is no safer or better liked because Mossad is effective at homicides.”

Well, the the Navy Seals are also very effective at targeted killings. Is the USA safer after Bin Laden’s death? Certainly not. But it feels rather good.

So, the Pakistanis were not involved and this operation was executed on foreign soil. A blatant breach of international law! So, where are you, defenders of international law? Isn’t it logical you start condemning the targeted killing of Osama bin Laden? No due process, no legal rights? The Seals shot to kill. And President Obama authorized the killing.

True progressives of the world, unite and condemn this awful act of illegal American violence!