ABC reports as well: Bin Laden dead and the US has the body (Updates)

Their story, which contains no details about how the terrorist met his hopefully ignominous end, is here.

If this is true, it’s time to thank the American military and fire up some Queen.


Update: Multiple reports say he was shot in the head in a mansion he was living in in Pakistan.

Update: Fox News just officially confirmed both that bin Laden is dead, and that we have the corpse. He was killed inside Pakistan. We used DNA to confirm a match, so it sounds like it’s really him and he’s really dead. Hard to believe, after all these years.

Update: The president’s remarks will live stream here. I’m curious as to making the announcement late on a Sunday night, if reports are correct that bin Laden has been dead for some days now. I suppose once they got confirmation, it’s either announce or fear it leaking out.

Update: The White House just turned on the camera for the live stream. The president’s remarks can’t be far off now.

Update: The president just said the words…Osama bin Laden is dead.

Update: Am I hearing this right…the president is making this about himself, not the military who carried out the operation at risk to themselves?


Update: Now the president is thanking the military for bearing the burden of the war, calling upon the country to think back to the sense of unity we had on 9-11. Fine words. It’s a pity they came from someone who has been such a source of division all these years.

Update: Former President Bush has released a statement noting that justice has been done. I’ll link that shortly.

Update: Now Fox is running what amounts to a retrospective on the live of Osama. Strangely, I’m not in the mood for that. I want to see and hear from the military troops who got him, if there is any way that’s possible.


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