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Libyan ground forces cross into Tunisia

The kinetic military action in the Middle East may be contagious.

Pro-Gaddafi forces fired shells into the town of Dehiba, damaging buildings and injuring at least one resident, and a group of them drove into the town in a truck, local people and a Reuters photographer in the town said.

“There were lots of clashes in the town this morning. Lots of gunshots. The Tunisian military clashed with Gaddafi’s forces … Some of Gaddafi’s people were killed,” said Reuters photographer Zoubeir Souissi from the town.

The Libyan government troops were pursuing anti-Gaddafi rebels from the restive Western Mountains region of Libya who fled into Tunisia in the past few days after Gaddafi forces overran the border post the rebels had earlier seized.

It’s worth remembering that the unrest engulfing the Middle East first came to light in Tunisia, where protesters eventually overthrew the sitting president in January. It’s also worth a toss back to a Tatler post from a few days ago, about Gaddafi’s Algerian-backed mercenaries originating from Morocco. This civil kinetic action could go regional if the wrong things continue to happen.