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British gun control is sexist

The Brits know how to keep their women under control.

After imposing draconian gun control in 1997, the next decade saw about a 60% increase in the rape rate. Where women used to be safer than in the U.S., British women are now raped about twice as often as here in gun-toting USA.

It’s still possible to own a shotgun, especially if you live in rural areas, which brings us to today’s lesson.

Tracy St. Clair Pearce lives with her brother on their farm. Tracy “has been given months to live after breast cancer spread to her spine.”

She was out working when 18 motor homes arrived, and set up “illegally” on a neighboring property. When they started using chain saws to cut down trees for firewood, Tracy ordered them to leave, but the trespassers became violent. One threw a fence post at her and “threatened to slit her throat and slaughter her cattle.”

Then others in the group began getting aggressive towards Tracy, allegedly exposing themselves and throwing rocks.

Tracy retreated and called the police, who arrived in 35 minutes. They visited the camp but “were unable to find the teenager who had threatened her.”

They were, however, able to scold Tracy for being “aggressive” and “making threats.” As a result, they ordered her to forfeit her two shotguns, and took her firearms license to “prevent me buying another shotgun.”

Tracy’s now disarmed and permanently defenseless, with 18 loads of “victims” safe from the terminally ill woman next door.

At least they have GUN CONTROL there.