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Rush: Trump, bad polls forced Obama's hand

Great stuff from the master of his medium.

“I think I’ve got the answer. I think it’s all about the polling data. I think up until now the polling data showed it was a winning issue for Obama. Birthers were considered crackpots. The polling data show as long as they continue that way, there was hay to be made, by Obama by not releasing the birth certificate and stoking these people, then [Donald] Trump comes along and I really believe that the polling data, the internal polling data at the White House runs shows that the issue was starting to take place.”

“So it probably went from a net positive to something that was starting to show a major problem – credibility, dishonesty, what have you.”

Ironic, that it’s serial marriage man, multiple bankruptcy man, reality TV show host Donald Trump who forces President Obama to defend his credibility.

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