Afghan officer murders eight NATO troops

This marks the seventh time this year that Afghan military or security forces have turned on and murdered Western troops.

Eight NATO troops and a contractor died Wednesday after an Afghan military officer opened fire in a meeting — the deadliest incident so far in which Afghan security forces have turned against their coalition partners, officials said.

The Afghan officer, who was a veteran military pilot, fired on the foreigners after an argument. The shooting occurred in an operations room of the Afghan Air Corps at Kabul airport.


I have to wonder, just what are we doing there? The president of Afghanistan that we put into power now behaves as if he is either losing his mind or his allegiances are shifting away from the US. Afghan security and military, people who we should expect to be among the most reliable and Western-friendly of Afghans, are becoming murderously untrustworthy. The citizenry demands the death penalty of anyone who is found guilty of converting from Islam to any other faith. And this is after nearly a decade of steady and very expensive efforts to bring Afghanistan to within a few centuries of the rest of the world.

The keys to victory in Iraq were the surge and the Sunni awakening. What do we do if the Afghanistan surge doesn’t work, and there is no awakening?


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