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Ex President Carter flies off to North Korea. Again.

He is soooo wise, great and cool.

Ex President Carter, fired after one term in office and therefore an honored world leader, will fly from China to North Korea shortly for a three day visit to discuss changes in the DPRK’s efforts (thus far apparently successful) to build and test nuclear weapons and to express solidarity with their hopes to ameliorate sanctions harmful to the little people. The DPRK previously tied the two together successfully, getting food aid and other concessions without abandoning nuclear weapons development or the sale of technology to other rogue states. Development apparently continues apace.

“The U.S. State Department said last month that Carter would not be carrying any official messages (emphasis added).” Of course he is not carrying any official messages; when things don’t turn out as he hopes, little blame can be placed on Ex President Obama.

Carter . . .  criticized long-standing economic sanctions imposed on the North’s hardline communist regime, saying they were adding to suffering among ordinary citizens amid a severe drop-off in food aid to the North.

“In almost any case when there are sanctions against an entire people, the people suffer the most and the leaders suffer least,” he said.

“And we believe that the last 50 years of deprivation of the North Korean people to adequate access to trade and commerce has been very damaging to their economy, as well as some problems they may have brought on by themselves,” he added.

As noted here, Dear Leader Kim Jong-il likes Libya’s Gaddafi very much but thinks he should never have relinquished his nuclear ambitions; by doing so he laid himself open to vile attacks by other countries.  Dear Leader Kim is hardly likely to yield to the forceful persuasions of Honored World Leader Carter to enhance the well being of the little people. And, as noted here,

It is not the fault of the unfortunate serfs of North Korea that they live (and die) as they do. However, by enabling the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” the more civilized countries of the world would not significantly better them and would not only prolong their misery but assist in sharpening the nuclear sword on which we have for too long sat rather than require it to be sheathed.

Is it necessary to point out to anyone that Ex President Carter is a silly old duffer who would be better employed puttering around in his garden? Perhaps he could negotiate with the insects and persuade them to agree to mutually beneficial behavior modifications; if he offers them healthy food, they might agree not to harm his organically grown vegetables. The insects would be more receptive and more trustworthy than the DPRK. Such negotiations seem very promising and he should drop all else and get on with them. When they succeed, Ex President Obama can apologize to the world’s previously mistreated and maligned insects and joy will abound.