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Breast cancer survivor humiliated and molested at the hands of TSA

Awful. They are heading out to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary, but flying in America now puts you at the mercy of the TSA.

And as I was putting my shoes, belt and belongings back together, I watched in helpless horror as my wife was publicly sexually assaulted in front of the body scanner. And she let them know before she was scanned that she was a breast cancer survivor.

You can’t imagine the emotions going through my head as I watched this TSA woman squeeze and probe by wife’s breasts in full view of everyone in the airport. And the rest of the male TSA workers looked on with what I can only describe as a perverse interest.

But what made my heart sink to my feet was the look of helplessness and despair on Sharon’s face. A look that I had not seen since the first devastating diagnosis back in 1992. The look said “help me” in the unspoken telepathic connection that comes with 28 years of living as one. I was in empathy overload, doing my best not to let the rising wave of rage overtake me and make me lash out violently, knowing full well the ramifications of such actions.

I just gritted my teeth, frustrated.