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NAACP official convicted of voter fraud

In Tunica, Mississippi, ten guilty verdicts of voter fraud were returned yesterday against NAACP officer Lessadolla Sowers.  She was sentenced to five years for each count without the possibility of parole and will serve the terms concurrently.  Sowers manipulated the absentee ballot process in the 2007 election.  Absentee ballots in Mississippi are notoriously subject to voter fraud.  The District Court opinion in United States v. Ike Brown provides another outrageous example of systemic voter fraud in the casting of absentee ballots in Mississippi.  Brown was also a NAACP and Democratic party official.   The Tunica Times (subscription required) is the only media outlet covering Sowers’ conviction.  No surprise there. And don’t expect the voter fraud deniers at the Brennan Center or Tova Wang at Demos to devote much attention to Sowers and her five year vacation in the pen.