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Trump jewelry, made in China?

I have to confess something: I pay pretty much no attention to what’s sold on QVC. But thankfully, our readers send in the best tips. One just emailed a fun tip in that I had to follow up on.

You know how Donald Trump has been out there railing about China, saying he would impose tariffs on Chinese goods, start a trade war with the Middle Kingdom? Like this. And this:

Donald Trump says the way to counter China is to tax their imports until they clean up the currency mess.

“I would lower the taxes for people in this country and corporations in this country and let China and some of the other countries that are ripping us off and making hundreds of billions of dollars a year, let them pay,” Trump told Wolf Blitzer.

Well, about that. Trump’s wife, Melania, sells a line of budget jewelry on QVC. Guess where at least some of Mrs. Trump’s jewelry is made.