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Prof. Ellen Lewin comes out... as a hater

Ellen Lewin – professor of Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies in the Department of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies at the University of Iowa – got her (perhaps unwitting) fifteen minutes of fame Monday by using the f-bomb to reply to an email invitation from the college Republicans, creating a scandal on the campus that made national news. Dr. Lewin, apparently, doesn’t like Republicans at the college or otherwise. Tell it like it is, Ellen, you old lefty rascal you.

And so will I, thanks to one of my favorite websites – – where, alas, it appears Dr. Lewin is herself not particularly admired by her students. Here are just the evaluations from the first page: “None. Worst attitude ever.”… “She was too busy preaching her political views to teach what we paid to learn.”… “Worst ever.”… “If you taken Introduction to Women’s Studies, you’ve taken Gender, Race and Class in the U.S. It’s ridiculous that they are BOTH required.”

And my favorite: “She loves to ramble to fill up time. Talks and talks and talks just to fill the remaining part of class. Rushes through material. Has a superiority complex about her being from NY, and openly looks down on Midwesterners. Spends a disproportionate amount of time on gender studies material even when the class she’s teaching has nothing to do with it.”

Cracks you up, except… someone’s paying for this insanity. Rep. Ryan, I think we have a few more cuts for you.