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Odd omissions on the WH immigration reform shin-dig guest list

The Obama White House, ever the cynical political animal, is once again floating the idea of “comprehensive immigration reform.” They do this every few months to score a point with the open borders crowd. The most recent meeting was yesterday; here’s the guest list. See if you can spot the group of relevant figures who aren’t on it.

  • Leith Anderson, President, National Assn. of Evangelicals
  • Hon. Michael Bloomberg, City of New York
  • William J. Bratton, Former Police Chief, City of Los Angeles and City of New York
  • Hon. Julian Castro, Mayor, City of San Antonio
  • Michael Chertoff, Former Secretary Homeland Security
  • Gov. John Engler, President and CEO, Business Roundtable
  • Hon. Eric Garcetti, City Council, President City of Los Angeles
  • Carlos Gutierrez, Former Secretary of Commerce
  • Raymond Kelly, Commissioner, New York City Police Department
  • Mel Martinez, Former United States Senator/Chairman, Florida, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean JP Morgan Chase
  • Greg Page, Chairman and CEO, Cargill
  • Federico Pena, Former Secretary of Transportation and Secretary of Energy
  • John Podesta, CEO, Center for American Progress
  • Charles Ramsey, Chief of Police, City of Philadelphia/President, Major City Chiefs
  • Al Sharpton, President, National Action Network
  • Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former California Governor
  • Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO
  • John C. Wester, Bishop, Archdiocese of Salt Lake City

Not a single sitting border state governor is on that list. No Gov. Rick Perry (TX), no Gov. Susana Martinez (NM) no Gov. Jan Brewer (AZ), not even Gov. Jerry Brown of CA. Apparently they weren’t even invited. Maybe the Obama administration really thinks that the mayor of New York City, Al Sharpton, the head man at the Sorosbot factory Center for American Progress, and the big union boss Richard Trumka all know more about the border than the governors of the states that are actually on the border. Otherwise, this administration is not even trying to make this meeting about border security — a serious national security issue over which people are losing their lives — appear to be anything more than a purely political confab. What a total joke.

By the way, to the Republicans who showed up for that meeting: You’re being used as willing dupes.