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Don't know much about history, continued

Keying off of Glenn’s post about President Obama’s evident ignorance of US history:

Apparently, when Obama taught Constitutional Law he never got around to teaching the Texas White (Democratic) Primary cases. Or talking about which side was which in the Civil War . . . .

Updated to make clear to people who don’t click the link that it was the Texas Democrats who excluded black voters (and Mexican-Americans) from their primaries (and then dodged further with the Jaybird Democratic Association when the courts struck down the White Primaries). This is a major set of cases under state action, and I’m surprised that Obama is unfamiliar with this history. I wonder what he covered in his Constitutional Law classes?

The Texas Democratic Party, a political party with a disgraceful history when it comes to race, is even now the subject of a lawsuit from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) concerning the way that party still conducts its primaries.

LULAC’s suit charges that the “Texas Two Step” dilutes the Latino vote by awarding more delegates to “white majority districts” at the expense of Latino Democrats.

Luis R. Vera Jr., representing LULAC of Texas, said the ruling is a clear victory.

“LULAC is excited and happy with this decision and will seek further relief immediately,” Vera said.

The opinion suggests the delegate selection process should be approved by the Justice Department under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 “because it has the potential for discrimination.” The federal panel pressed the Texas Democratic Party “to seek pre-clearance of its delegate allocation rules instead of proceeding further in this litigation.”

That story isn’t from the 1950’s or 60’s. It’s from 2009, and the Texas Democrats’ ridiculous two-step system is still in place. Meanwhile, the Republican Party of Texas was founded by a group in Houston in 1867 with what many might find to be a surprising mix of folks: Of the 170 in attendance, 150 were black.

So what did Obama teach in his Con Law classes? Possibly, the con that often gets draped in the law. He certainly doesn’t seem to know the first thing about actual facts.