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Once upon a time, Eric Holder failed to go after bad guys

Patrick Poole has this piece today describing Justice Department reaction to his bombshell story that criminal charges were not pursued against a variety of prominent muslim groups because of close political ties and relations to Obama Justice Department officials.   The initial defense sounds very familiar to me – the Bush administration, not Obama, first failed to pursue criminal charges.  We heard this same fairy tale from DOJ officials through their friends in the left wing blogosphere in the New Black Panther dismissal.  There was only one problem, the leaked black panther Office of Professional Responsibility report indicates it is not true.  The criminal file was not closed on the black panther case, according to the OPR report until July of 2009, not during the Bush administration.  The leaked OPR report also explains how civil claims were given priority over criminal claims in the short run.  Bringing a civil action is easier because of lower standards of proof and the availability of quick injunctive remedies.  It is amusing to watch the instinctive reaction of the DOJ public affairs shop on Poole’s blockbuster, because we’ve heard it all before.  Isn’t it odd we now have two stories of the Eric Holder DOJ not pursuing cases against defendants for shady reasons, and two similar fairy tales about why?