Obama barks, USA Today bites

Yesterday, Brad Watson of WFAA (Dallas/Fort Worth) decided to ask President Obama some honest questions about his relationship with Texas. Of particular interest is Obama’s take on economics. He called Governor Perry a “hypocrite” for taking $6 billion in “federal help” to balance our budget. More on that later.


Obama was upset about the interview, telling Watson: “Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?”

For breaking the rules and asking Obama real questions, USA Today launched a counterattack:

“President Obama has troubles with voters in Texas, and, apparently, with interviewers from the Lone Star State as well.”

(The implication being it’s our fault.)

Back to the $6B. The IRS notes that Texas’s total tax liability in 2008 was $93.6 billion. (Download spreadsheet here by clicking on Texas.)

In other words, it’s more accurate to say that the fed returned about 6% of our money, and cheerleader Obama is trying to tell us what a great guy he is for doing that.

It’s curious that while USA Today was busy trying to “correct” the record, they neglected to mention the true tax situation.


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