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Video: Prosser declares victory in Wisconsin, savors the cries of his enemies

Well, he did one of those two things in the headline. Here’s the video, via Hot Air.

Prosser’s margin of victory is outside the margin of fraud, so while a recount could happen, it would be costly and in the words of one of the experts in the video, “frivolous.” It now remains for Kloppenberg to reverse her previous statement and capitulate.

Let’s review what’s happened in Wisconsin. The center of lefty-union activity for several decades went red, electing a GOP governor and state lege. The newly minted majority acted to rein in the state’s growing budget problems by introducing reforms to break the government unions’ stranglehold on state spending policies. The unions, government and private sector, decided Madison was where they would mount their last stand. The Democrats in the state Senate fled for the Tilted Kilt in Illinois to shut down the legislature, preventing a vote on the reforms, while the union forces occupied the statehouse. Call it a political pincer movement. Death threats from left to right ensued, the police union joined in in threats to local businesses, and in the midst of all that, there was a state supreme court election pitting a conservative incumbent against a liberal challenger. The fate of the now passed reform law, challenged in court and surely on its way to the supreme where the right holds a one-vote majority, hung in the balance. That judicial race became the focus of everything.

And the unions lost. Again.

Stick a fork in Big Labor. That movement, which has been among the most corrupt and corrupting in America over the past few decades, will not go quietly, but it is well and truly done.