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Justice Department attorney training with Soros generated research about police racism

The Tatler has previously reported on the background of the new Department of Justice official responsible for suing police departments, Jonathan Smith.  On Tuesday, April 19 at 3 p.m. in the Patrick Henry Building in Washington D.C., the Department of Justice is offering training to DOJ lawyers about racially biased police profiling.  I obtained the announcement from a DOJ source.  It says:

The Special Litigation Section (SPL) is hosting a presentation on discriminatory police practices. The speakers will be Drs. Lorie Fridell and Jack McDevitt. Dr. Fridell is an associate professor at the Department of Criminology at the University of South Florida, and a former director of the Police Executive Research Forum (“PERF”).  . . .

With DOJ funds she authored, “By the Numbers: A Guide for Analzying [sic] Race Data from Vehicle Stops,” and more recently, she has developed model curriculums for police based on the social psychology of human bias, including a recent chapter titled, “Racially biased Policing: The Law Enforcement Response to the Implicit Black-Crime Association.”

Dr. McDevitt is the associate dean of the College of Criminal Justice, Northeastern University, where he also directs the Institute on Race and Justice. With Jack Levin he co-authored, “Hate Crimes Revisited,”and he has also authored numerous governmental reports, including “Improving the Accuracy of Bias Crimes Statistics Nationally”, which was released by the White House in 2000.

These individuals are almost certainly being paid significant taxpayer funds to speak on and consult with the DOJ.  One can make quite a living authoring “numerous government reports.”  Dr. Fridell’s scholarship makes the argument that everyone is naturally racially biased one way or another.  But take special note of Dr. McDevitt and his Institute on Race and Justice that is advising Eric Holder’s DOJ. At a minimum, the IRJ received $440,448 from the DOJ, according to their website.  A brief perusal of their website will tell you everything else you need to know about the outfit.   Past collaborators with IRJ include former Black Panther and hard core communist Angela Davis.  Besides the money IRJ gets from the U.S. Taxpayer, George Soros’ Open Society Institute also pays for the racial profiling work of IRJ which will be used to train DOJ lawyers Tuesday.

How many federal tax dollars are flowing into this consulting beyond the $440,448?  We’d submit a Freedom of Information Act request, but doubt we’d get a timely response.  Perhaps some citizens journalists can do so. Here is the address.  One thing is for sure, police officers across the country should take special note.  Now cue the Soros-funded media arms