Slow news day, just heard that Scott Ritter was convicted in an underage sex sting. Wait...what?

And it’s the same Scott Ritter who went from Iraq hawk to pro-Saddam dove in about a nanosecond.

Prosecutors accused Ritter, 49, of Delmar, New York, a suburb of Albany, of engaging in a lurid web chat with a person portrayed as a 15-year-old girl. That person was actually a detective for the Barrett Township Police Department in Pennsylvania.

Ritter was the chief weapons inspector in Iraq until he resigned in 1998 because he said he felt neither the Clinton administration nor the United Nations was pursuing Iraq weapons inspections vigorously enough. Later, in 2002, he had a falling out with the Bush administration over the war in Iraq.


The Tatler doesn’t expect any of this to show up in the update to Ritter’s latest book.


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