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Headless in Gaza

It’s hard to know what to say about this breaking AP story from Gaza – Hamas: Body of Kidnapped Activist Found:

The body of an Italian pro-Palestinian activist abducted a few hours earlier by Islamic extremists has been found hanged in a Gaza City house after a clash between Hamas police and the abductors, Hamas officials said in the early hours of Friday morning.

The officials said Hamas police stormed an apartment in Gaza City belonging to a member of the extremist group that released a video of the activist. Hamas police said they found the man dead after he was hanged. Security officials added that two men were arrested and others were being sought in the killing.

The International Solidarity Movement had identified the kidnapped activist as Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, a member [of that group] from Italy. An Italian doctor was on his way from Israel to examine the body, a Hamas official said. His abduction was first kidnapping of a foreigner since Hamas overran Gaza in 2007. In the past, all foreign kidnap victims in Gaza had been released unharmed.

The ISM, I should remind readers, is the “activist” (what a reactionary term “activist” is – only the MSM could coin it) group that sponsored the trip by UC Irvine students on which they were told to lie about their meeting with a Hamas leader. The politically unconscious souls who arranged that tour should be thankful one of the UCI students wasn’t kidnapped.

BTW, according to the JPost, poor naive Arigoni was kidnapped by a group of Salafists allied with Al Qaida.

An aside to Hilary Clinton: Regarding that two-state solution you seem to love so much, if there is a Palestinian state, can the Salafists stay at the Clinton house in Bedford, New York? (You probably have some extra bedrooms.)