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Bombshell: Colombia made extradition offer for Makled, but US failed to follow up

Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) isn’t letting this story die.

A republican congressman has announced his “outrage” at the Obama administration for apparently “passing up an initial extradition offer made by Colombia last fall” regarding alleged drug lord Walid Makled, the Venezuelan due to be extradited imminently to his home country.

Connie Mack, the Chairman of the U.S. House’s Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, stated in a press release Wednesday that the failure to take up the offer was a result of the U.S. Justice Department’s inability “to submit their paperwork in a timely fashion to the Colombian government.”

With everything else that’s going on, Makled’s arrest and the extradition battle is happening mostly under the media’s radar, but it’s an important story. As we’ve reported here previously, in addition to being one of the most prolific drug kingpins in the world, Makled may know enough to expose the connections between the drug trade, the Venezuelan government, and terrorist group Hezbollah. His information could change the world’s perception of Venezuela, from a developing socialist country to a narcostate similar to Manuel Noriega’s Panama, but with Islamic terrorism overlayed as an additional threat. Makled should be in the US, both to face charges and to tell prosecutors everything he knows. That he isn’t, and may never be, is the fault of the US DOJ, the same Justice Dept that was so lax in this case but was gung-ho to sue Arizona.