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Atlas Vlogged

Ayn-Rand-As-Che-10-3-09In order to help pass the time while waiting for the cinematic debut of Atlas Shrugged in theaters on Friday, here’s my video interview from last year with Jennifer Burns, the author of the best-selling late 2009 book on Ayn Rand’s remarkably contentious history with the American right. We explored Rand’s resurgence in 2009 with the Tea Party, who can pick and choose which elements of Rand’s Objectivist philosophy they agree with in a way that Rand would have found anathema while she was still living. We also discussed Rand’s tempestuous relationship with both the right and the left during the 1940s through the early 1970s, including her look at what she described as JFK’s “Fascist New Frontier” in 1962. Plus some thoughts on what the Fountainhead had to say about Rand’s take on modernist aesthetics, and the socialistic milieu in which they originally emerged, along with clips of the 1949 movie starring Garry Cooper.

Approx. 12-minutes long: