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Hezbollah On the Attack?

From Ha’aretz, a report (which may hold the record for the most frequent use of “Western” in a single story) that Hezbollah is getting ready to attack “Western targets” in order to get us to look elsewhere when the Iranian-controlled terrorist organization gets indicted for the assassination of the late Lebanese leader Hariri.  Here’s what the story says:


The report said the intention of such an attack is to divert global public opinion from the indictments expected to be issued by a special United Nations tribunal dealing with the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri.

Well, I’ve been hearing about these indictments for quite a while.  I’ll believe it when I see it, in the waning years of the decade.  So I doubt that the pending attacks–if there really are such things–are an exercise in psychological warfare.  Look at the “Western targets”:

Wednesday’s Beirut Observer report came after earlier this week Israel’s counter terrorism bureau warned that terrorists intended to carry out attacks against Israelis and Jewish targets abroad, specifying the Far East, Greece and Turkey as areas where an attack could occur.

So it’s not a planned assault against “Western targets” broadly, but part of Hezbollah’s ongoing war against the Jews.  But “Hezbollah targets Jews” isn’t quite as attention-grabbing is it?  I mean, it certainly should be, but it isn’t.  Fanatical Muslims killing Jews, well, what do you expect anyway?


Speaking of which, if you haven’t read it yet, and you’re interested in The Jewish Question, treat yourself to the award-winning (British) novel The Finkler Question. You can get it on Kindle, as I did.  What a pleasure to read!

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