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The narrative not mentioned - marginalizing Sarah Palin

Today, I appeared on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer to talk about Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann, and their potential 2012 run for president.  To MSNBC’s credit, I was given (just about) full time to speak. The other panelist was Princella Smith, a GOP strategist.

When I do a TV interview, I have the control room turn off the monitors.  This way, I wont be stealing a glance to see if my shirt is askew or otherwise be distracted.  I want to listen, give my full attention, and have no distractions.  The interview, as I said, went fine.  I did notice, however, that we were talking much more about Bachmann than we were about Palin.

When I got home and saw the interview, I was shocked (but not surprised) to notice that in the lower left corner, the graphic read, “Sarah Who?”

It’s obvious that there are still many in media who are simply frightened by the possibility of a Palin run.  Why else would networks go to such great lengths to marginalize their potential candidacy?  By placing “Sarah Who?” on a graphic throughout the entire segment, that is the message they were trying to deliver.

If I had seen it on camera, I would have said something about it.  You can not count out Sarah Palin.  For whatever you might think of her personally or politically, you must recognize that she takes everything thrown her way and comes out on top.  It has been three years of non-stop bashing and verbal beatdowns, and she still maintains a solid, ravenous fan base.

MSNBC is smart enough to repeatedly have me on the air, and I applaud them for that.  But they shouldn’t push this narrative that Sarah Palin has no shot in 2012.  Do not count out Sarah Palin.  Ever.