The PJ Tatler

Hey, Roger --

I can’t speak for Bryan, but I never meant to diss California. In fact, I spent six outrageously fun years in the Golden State — fun I probably couldn’t have had anywhere else.

But there’s a disconnect, a disparity, a dichotomy even, between California’s wildly creative people and its relentlessly self-serving ruling class. Eventually, something has to give. And it seems to be happening already.

Except for folks in the snowy Northeast, people now see California as a place to leave. “‘Go west, young man?’ Not if I can help it!” And that’s a terrible thing to have to say. An America without California would be a poorer, less exciting, and far less creative nation. But that California is a destination, not the waypoint it has become.

It’s not too late for your great state to change its ways, but change had best come soon.