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Atheist Christopher Hitchens teams up with evangelical doctor to beat cancer

Interesting and inspiring read in the Daily Mail:

The last person you might expect Christopher Hitchens, one of the world’s best known atheists, to turn to for help would be an evangelical Christian.

But a highly religious doctor might be the only individual who can help the author and journalist who is suffering from cancer.

Dr Francis Collins, the former director of the National Human Genome Research Project was one part of the team which developed techniques to map out the entire human DNA make-up is using Hitchens as a guinea pig for a new treatment.

According to the artible Collins mapped Hitchens’ genome and has isolated the cancerous mutations. That led to a treatment that’s less grueling than full chemotherapy.

Both have written books about God, Hitchens arguing against, and Collins seeing the handiwork of God in his scientific discoveries. It was their debate over faith that ended up bringing them together to keep Hitchens alive.

Hitchens added: ‘It is a rather wonderful relationship.

‘I won’t say he doesn’t pray for me, because I think he probably does; but he doesn’t discuss it with me.

‘He agrees that his medical experience does not include anything that could be described as a miracle cure.’