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You thought the Democrats were down? They're not.

As I’ve always been one to believe in the old axiom about keeping your enemies even closer than your friends, I subscribe to a number of Democrat and ultra-liberal PAC and non-profit email lists. And I get a good bit of reader email, especially from Tea Party supporters, which gives me a glimpse into thinking among the conservative ground troops.

Immediately following the 2010 election — a great victory, to be sure — conservative grassroots hopes were very high. Now, however, a bit of weariness seems to have set in as many Republicans seem all too eager to give away gained ground and make too many compromises with the forces set to destroy the Republic.

If you happen to be one of those still believing that the fight has gone out of the Democrats because of their trouncing at the polls in 2010, you need to be aware that liberal/socialist Democrats are nothing like Republicans. These people live politics as their true religion. They see themselves as saving the world by sending America towards socialist utopia. They’re not going to quit. They never will.

Here’s how the Democrat Party is propagandizing Boehner and Palin (under the signature of James Carville, no less, the guy who last year excoriated Obama on his non-handling of the Gulf oil spill):

“And if you ever needed proof of just how crazy, paranoid and extreme the Republican Party has become, all you need to do is look at this past month.

Speaker Boehner says “so be it” to devastating job losses and Sarah Palin is on her Facebook hollering about school teachers in Wisconsin being “thugs.” But there’s one way we can stop their right-wing hollering in its tracks.”

James Carville goes on to warn the Democrat Party email list about YOU — the “right-wing mob”:

“The right-wing mob hopes to sneak through an extremist agenda to cut 700,000 American jobs, destroy unions, dismantle environmental protections, privatize Social Security and dismantle Medicare before voters even realize what’s happened. They’re so shameless that they’ve even proposed cutting assistance for homeless veterans.

If grassroots Democrats like you stay on the sidelines, they’re gonna say the fear-mongering, job-destroying, union-busting Republicans are winning this fight.”

In other words, if you thought Wisconsin was ugly, or hoped that Democrats would just go away and give up, think again. This is how Democrats play the game of politics. To them, it really is no-holds-barred warfare and nothing but the same from our side is going to save the Republic.

Just my 2 cents’ worth, mind you.