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The New Black Panther fix came in

How do you get Charlie Savage at New York Times, NPR, the Associated Press to cover the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation dismissal all on the same day?  Easy, have DOJ announce that an official ethics inquiry found no evidence of wrongdoing by the people who ordered the black panther case dismissed.  Of course this mid-week release is old news to PJM readers, or anyone who read Savage’s December 2010 interview with Attorney General Eric Holder when he telegraphed his views that no wrongdoing occurred.  The author of the OPR report had been appointed by Holder a few days earlier.  Savage incorrectly reports: “The case had been developed by an attorney hired during a period when the Bush administration . . . tried to fill the division’s career ranks with conservatives.”  Of course Charlie could read the complaint and see far more than “an attorney” worked on the case.  But that might bust up his narrative.  The final report has changed from what it was on March 14, 2011, but that is a whole different story for another day.  Maybe now that the Black Panther case has ended in the mind of the New York Times, Savage can turn his attention to the discriminatory FOIA policies of this DOJ, and why they won’t release resumes that Savage obtained in a few days during the Bush administration.  Don’t hold your breath.  Also watch for lots of papers who had no interest in covering the New Black Panther dismissal to suddenly show interest this week.