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Praise CBS for great investigative journalism

CBS reported about a female scam artist posing as a pregnant mom-to-be of twins, in order to con sterile couples who desperately wanted to adopt.

“For four frustrating years, Holly and Mark Gonzales tried to have children. They spent over $120,000 in the process. Then, last month, they received a call from their adoption attorney saying they had a birth mom who’s pregnant with twins due next Friday…

As Holly and Mark prepped their empty nursery over the next few days, Kristy Bennett started asking for money. Then their lawyer, who had been checking Bennett’s background, called with heartbreaking news. She had just gotten a call back from the doctor’s office – and they said they had no record of this woman.”

CBS arranged a meeting, with a journalist posing as an woman wanting to adopt these “twins.” (Same con, different day.) The video shows an expert in action, playing all the confidence gambits to perfection. She acts genuine, emotes freely, and knows when to stroke the mark to move the scam forwards. She slips in her “sad life story” occasionally to get the mark hooked on wanting to help. Then comes the requests for money.

You have to see it to believe it.

The con was arrested after this meeting and faces multiple charges.

CBS, of all the socialist-leaning media, also jumped on the Project Gunwalker scandal, as noted by blogger Snowflakes in Hell. Perhaps, with proper handling, CBS can be rehabilitated?

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