Dick Durbin proves Peter King right

Sen. Dick Durbin, Illinois liberal Democrat, wants to hold hearings Tuesday to examine claims of anti-Muslim bias. His hearings are retaliation for Rep. Peter King’s (R-NY) hearings earlier this month on the threat posed to the US by radical Islam.


But as it turns out, one of the witnesses Durbin plans to call has radical connections. And Durbin himself has met with Hamas-linked radicals.

According to the IPT’s report, Durbin’s meeting with the Hamas-linked Muslims took place at the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, Ill. The mosque’s website shows a picture, dated March 1, of Durbin posing with nine suited men, and two women wearing dark-coveralls and tight white scarves. The men include the mosque’s director, Jamal Said, and the mosque’s imam, Kifah Mustapha, according to the IPT report.

Both men were declared to be unindicted conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Fund trial, which resulted in guilty verdicts for five men who smuggled $12 million to Hamas. The fund’s two founders were both sentenced to 65 years in jail.

As for the problematic witness:

A second flub by Durbin’s staff is the selection of the main witness for the Tuesday hearing. She is Farhana Khera, the Muslim director of a small legal firm — Muslim Advocates  – that works closely with Hamas-associated Islamist groups in the United States, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations.


The Daily Caller calls these choices “flubs,” but nearly all liberal Democrats (and a Republican now and then) have been making these same “flubs” consistently, over and over for a decade now. At some point, the flub becomes the norm, and it all proves Peter King right: There is a threat to America from radical Islam, and not nearly enough Americans are aware of it. Dick Durbin is Exhibit A. Well, either that, or he’s going out of his way to side with Islamic radicals. Which is it, Dick?


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