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Why Have We Moved 2 Aircraft Carriers to the Strait of Hormuz?

Zerohedge notes that we have moved one aircraft carrier away from Libya to the Srait of Hormuz virtually in the wake of another carrier there:

Wonder why the administration made such a stink of reducing the US airborne presence around Libya, and handing it off to France, Italy, Canada and Turkey? Here’s the answer: the CVN65 Enterprise which last week was within striking distance of Libya, has quietly left the Red Sea and is now virtually swimming in the wake of CVN 70 Vinson in the Strait of Hormuz. Because obviously whatever is about to happen in the Persian Gulf will need not one but two aircraft carrier formations. And meanwhile in Japan the Washington is doing all it can to put radiation free miles between itself and Fukushima, even as the Essex, chock full of marines is sitting on the coast waiting for orders.