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True the Vote summit, day one: Going national

True the Vote began out of the efforts of a few individuals, who were concerned that our nation’s elections were becoming more and more corrupted. In many cases they had seen this corruption with their own eyes, but had no way to do anything about it. A few people reached a few more people, and pretty soon there was a local movement with a mission: Detect and root out electoral corruption. They did incredible work in the 2010 election, detecting and alerting Harris County to tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations mostly done under a program by a liberal group, Houston Votes.

True the Vote’s first ever national summit, being held at Houston’s Intercontinental Hotel this weekend, has attracted delegates from 27 states. They are here to learn about how groups like ACORN corrupted past elections, and they heard directly from ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief about that. They are here to study up on why vote integrity is so vital, which they heard directly from former Sen. Norm Coleman, whose 2008 electoral defeat can be chalked up to the work of electoral shenanigans. The passage of ObamaCare is but one of the outcomes to result from that election. This summit sold out, and the house tonight was packed. There will be more summits in the future.

That this movement is gaining force is also evidenced by the enemies it has attracted. TPM Muckraker, one of the left’s larger and more aggressively partisan blog sites, dispatched blogger Ryan Reilly to come all the way to Houston from their Beltway offices. Reilly, according to witnesses, both pestered Ms. MonCrief at the airport while she was awaiting her baggage, and then later attempted to lie his way into the event itself. Whether his actions are SOP for the TPM crew or not is in some ways immaterial; the fact that he’s here at all shows that the left is taking True the Vote very seriously.

They’re wise to do so, because as of this weekend, this local movement is now a national movement.