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Syrians Gunned Down, International Community Yawns

Assad’s not going quietly.  This from the Reform Party of Syria:

Dara’a. An eyewitness on BBC Arabic said that armed units speaking only Farsi descended upon Dara’a. They have smothered the walls of the al-Omari Mosque with their graffiti but several of them were captured. Another witness, Omar al-Masri, said that snipers took positions on rooftops and started shooting. He said Syrians converged in large numbers upon the rooftops and five snipers were captured. Al-Masri, confirmed the other eyewitness, and said that non-Syrians wearing all black were captured in al-Omari Mosque. They spoke only Farsi.  The same eyewitness said that 25 Syrians are known to have died today in Dara’a and that many security people have resigned their positions in As-Sanamyn and Inkhil.

(My comment):  For those of you in Rio Linda, Syrians speak Arabic.  Iranians (and some Afghans) speak Farsi.  So the implicit allegation in this update is that Iranians (probably the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards) are killing the protesters.