WI appeals court kicks collective bargaining bill up to Supreme

Seems like a dodge, but I’m not a lawyer.

A state appeals panel said Thursday a case over a new collective bargaining law should go directly to the state Supreme Court.

The move puts the issue squarely before the Supreme Court less than two weeks before Justice David Prosser faces re-election.


Prosser is a Republican, so this will become a campaign issue. Pretty good analysis over at Hot Air on all this, but I’ll quibble with this line.

Take it for what it’s worth, but grassroots Democrats in Wisconsin now say that they’re more than halfway towards getting the signatures they need for recall elections and are openly predicting that they’ll take back the senate.

It’s worth nothing. They’re talking victory because that’s what they want everyone to believe they’re latching onto, not necessarily because they’re actually going to get there. D’ya think they’d be running around telling everyone “Nah, we’re getting all these signatures but we really have no shot at recalling anyone”?


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