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Michelle Obama tells the world: My kid is fat

She’s talking BMI, but gets into a little TMI.

In an exclusive post published on Shine today, First Lady Michelle Obama offers some advice, drawn from her own experience, about the Affordable Care Act and how parents can get the most out of visits to the pediatrician. One of her suggestions: Learn about your child’s BMI.

The First Lady was surprised to learn that her daughters’ BMI numbers were “creeping upwards.” “I didn’t really know what BMI was,” she writes. “And I certainly didn’t know that even a small increase in BMI can have serious consequences for a child’s health. But as Dr. Susan J. Woolford explains, despite the medical jargon, BMI (Body Mass Index) is actually a very easy way to answer a very difficult question: Is my child overweight?

Michelle Obama made over $317k as vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center before becoming First Lady. How could she not now know what BMI is? Or was she given that appointment not because she knew anything, but because she knew the right people?