Jamie "The Wall" Gorelick to head FBI?

Doug Ross goes through the story and why it’s hilarious/awful. Democrat operative Jamie Gorelick has been at the center of two major national disasters, 9-11 and Fannie/Freddie’s role in the financial meltdown. Her lucrative career has been so bad for America that she deserves some boxing-style titles:


The Mistress of Mayhem

The Lawyer of Lament

The Democrat of Disaster

The Walking, Talking Series of Unfortunate Events

Should Obama be dumb enough to try appointing her to a 10-year stint at the FBI, it’s a golden opportunity for the GOP to hammer hard both on the financial meltdown and the Democrats’ softness and stupidity on terrorism. Which is why I don’t think she’ll get that appointment. But a czar’s office could be in her future.


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