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EXCLUSIVE: Iranian Revolutionary Guard plane impounded in Turkey contained millions of $$ in cash, as well as arms

The Green Experts of Iran website reports that the IRGC (Russian-built Ilyshin) cargo plane that the Turkish government forced to land in the Diyarbakir airport in Turkey on Saturday was carrying 600 kilos of explosives, as well as rocket launchers, mortars and Kalashnikovs.

According to the report the amount of $560 million (US) in cash was also been discovered on the Iranian regime-owned plane.

The report also notes that Turkish authorities who were tipped off by several sources, including one American military source, requested that the pilot of the cargo plane land on Turkish soil. The pilot is said to have refused at which point Turkish military aircrafts forcibly escorted the plane to land at Diyarbakir.

Turkish authorities are said to have requested a list of the contents of the plane from Tehran to compare to a list that they themselves have compiled.  But given the fact that the Iranian regime will never admit to trafficking arms and money to Lebanon and other parts of the middle east, we can rest assured that this sum of money belonging to the people of Iran, like other amounts that the regime elite have embezzled, is forfeit. And that Turkish officials will let this little infraction go too, after they receive their several million dollars to sweep it all under the rug.