The PJ Tatler

The Slaughter in Syria

The latest from the Reform Party of Syria:

Three Provinces Surrounded. Dissidents on Facebook are appealing for the international community to save their region from what it looks like a whole army surrounding most of the cities where the uprisings have taken place in the last few days. Jassem, Inkhil, As-Sanamyn, Nawa, Quneitra. To follow will be more killings and wholesale arrests.

Inkhil. A video of a new demonstration in Inkhil took place yesterday. Inkhil is Northeast of Jassem. The uprisings are moving from one city to another northward.

No Hezbollah. No Iran. A video of Syrians in Dara’a who must have read the Wall Street Journal article about Assad claiming immunity chanting No Hezbollah and No Iran, in addition to other revolutionary slogans such as “Allah, Syria, and Freedom Only”. Kudos for Jay Solomon and Bill Spindle for making Assad look like an ar*e.

Syrian Women. Again, Syrian women stand at the forefront of this revolution. This video of Ms. Afra’a Jalabi of Damascus Declaration addressing the security men of Assad and asking them to accept diversity of opinions. The civility is remarkable and the message even more. It shows the Syria we will build.