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Breitbart asks: which Malik Shabazz and William Ayers visited White House?

Breitbart asks a bundle of questions about White House visitor records over at the Bigs.  He essentially wonders, if not THAT Bill Ayers, then which Bill Ayers?  If not THAT Malik Shabazz, then which Malik Shabazz?  The answers haven’t been forthcoming from the White House, and he offers some possibilities.  This relates to questions about Obama administration transparency that PJM has been covering here, for example.  Pajamas has had to sue the Department of Justice for the same type of information that the Bush administration released in mere days.  DOJ still hasn’t coughed it up.  Of all the Obama campaign promises, genuine transparency would have been the easiest one to keep.  But it has been perhaps the one most un-kept.  It defies reason why the White House won’t put these matters to rest and simply say which Bill Ayers, Malik Shabazz and Jeremiah Wright are on the White House visitor logs.