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The new tone: Liberal blog celebrates 'kneecap' of Palin, compares her to murderous movie character (Updated)

Don’t liberals know that this kind of violence-laced rhetoric is dangerous?

Sarah Palin has become the political equivalent of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. America regrets the one night stand they had with Palin, but now she has broken into our house and is ready to boil our bunny. Sarah Palin is America’s ultimate political stalker. It all makes you wonder where Michael Douglas is when we need him most.

The Glenn Close character ends up shot dead at the end of that film, at least in the theatrical ending. Using the liberal logic we all saw on display after Tucson, is the liberal PoliticsUSA blog wishing the same for Palin?

There is a fatal attraction at work when it comes to Sarah Palin, all right. It’s just that hateful liberals are the ones who can’t let go.

Update: This is precisely the kind of ill-informed, Palin-obsessed nonsense that’s fueling the left these days.

If you can’t tell, that’s supposed to be Sarah Palin holding a gun over the Tucson shooter’s shoulder, thus putting the responsibility for that shooting directly in her hands. Never mind that she was thousands of miles away at the time, and never mind that there’s no evidence at all that the shooter ever saw the map that the left latched onto in order to blame her for that shooting. And never mind that the left uses actual violence, threats and violent rhetoric to get their way. The unions and their symps haven’t been promising fuzzy bunnies to the Republicans in Wisconsin: They’ve been threatening to kill them.

That poster represents leftist thinking in a nutshell, doesn’t it? The actual shooter isn’t responsible for his own actions, but someone who is completely innocent but who makes for a convenient target of hate because of some pre-existing obsession — that’s who we’re going to pin this on. It’s a deliberate and dishonest way to operate.

Frankly, I’m only posting this here to point out its complete hackiness and stupidity. There is no point in arguing with the person who produced it and still thinks it reflects the facts in any way. They’re too far gone (though you can find him in the comments if you want to address him directly).