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Now Red China is slamming us for Libya

Humanitarian disaster.” Other than the ones Mao set off intentionally.

China’s response to the allied campaign has been the most forceful, with warnings that the assault could bring about a “humanitarian disaster.” In a regular news briefing on Tuesday, Jiang Yu, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, called for an end to hostilities. “We’ve seen reports that the use of armed force is causing civilian casualties, and we oppose the wanton use of armed force leading to more civilian casualties,” she said.

And she wasn’t even talking about Tienanmen Square, 1989. Since China blocks that sort of information on the net, perhaps she’s unaware that her own government sits atop a throne of bones and blood.

Let’s make a deal. When China stops putting dissidents into political prison, when it stops suppressing Christians and other faiths, when it stops propping up North Korea, when it stops aiding Iran,  when it halts its barbaric one-child policy, when it allows real multi-party elections, when freedom of speech isn’t just a distant dream, and when China allows for a real media, not a collection of propagandist sock puppets who do this…

The Chinese news media, meanwhile, have been vociferous in expressing opposition to the military campaign against the Libyan government, with articles and commentaries depicting the American-led assault as an attempt to grab that country’s oil resources and expand American influence in the region.

…then we’ll think about taking China’s criticisms of US policy seriously. Until then, just put it on our tab and knock off the noise.