The PJ Tatler

The Journalist Wall of Shame for Fukushima reporting.

Find it here.  It’s hard to pick the most egregious, but I was amused by:

Report attempts to link quake with “Supermoon,” a fringe, psuedo-scientific theory that has been thoroughly discredited. Also manages to desecrate memories of Indonesian tsunami victims as well.


Sensational headline – “Just 48 hours to avoid ‘another Chernobyl'” – based on quotes from French bureaucrat, not a nuclear expert. Quotes from actual nuclear expert, saying Fukushima situation is in fact ‘not like Chernobyl,’ buried in third-last paragraph.


Headline says “Japão confirma possibilidade de explosão nuclear em reator afetado pelo terremoto” which means “Japan confirms possibility of nuclear explosion in nuclear reactor affected by the earthquake”. As far as I know there has never been any official report about the risk of a “nuclear explosion”. There were reports about the risk of another hydrogen explosion which is very different from a nuclear explosion. Hydrogen builds-up rising internal pressure. It’s not a nuclear reaction.

(Oops. almost forgot, H/T to commenter Poul.)