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IAEA updates Fukushima report (Update)

It’s far less alarming than some of what we’re hearing in the media. Charlie Martin emails:

Important things to note — worst evaluation is now level 5, equal to Three Mile Island, “spent fuel” pond in reactor 4 building temp measured again at 84°C i.e. no boiling, clarification making the point that the IAEA HAS NOT been notified of any radiation sickness, unlike what has been reported in the press.

Three Mile Island’s health effects were negligible, according to the NRC.

In the months following the accident, although questions were raised about possible adverse effects from radiation on human, animal, and plant life in the TMI area, none could be directly correlated to the accident. Thousands of environmental samples of air, water, milk, vegetation, soil, and foodstuffs were collected by various groups monitoring the area. Very low levels of radionuclides could be attributed to releases from the accident. However, comprehensive investigations and assessments by several well‑respected organizations have concluded that in spite of serious damage to the reactor, most of the radiation was contained and that the actual release had negligible effects on the physical health of individuals or the environment.

Update: Apparently Rush mentioned this article on his show today. Nice! Though I produced the Laura Ingraham show for about a year, there’s nothing else quite like a mention by the master of his medium.

Update: Just to clarify, the IAEA’s temperature measurement is from the 13th, and things have obviously changed since then. But the IAEA is still reporting that the spent fuel rod ponds are less severe than the reactor, and that so far there are still no radiation injuries.

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