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March Madness: World in crisis, POTUS picks his Final Four, speaks on Japan, off to Rio!

As I’m writing this, President Obama is finally delivering remarks on the Japanese disasters. The golf round must have ended a little early today.

Like just about everyone else who has seen the president’s NCAA pick video, I’m just floored by this video. Floored.

Obama makes a perfunctory nod to the disaster in Japan, does a little pitch for charities, then gets to the serious business that puts a twinkle in his eye: March Madness!

We have: Gas prices going through the roof, which is both inflationary on food and other things Americans need, and a not very hidden tax. We have: An economy in the doldrums and a federal government awash in a deep sea of debt, most of that debt of Obama’s own making. We have: A major ally getting the Godzilla treatment, and Americans on the West Coast fearing radiation blowing in from Japan. We have: A civil war in Libya and continued unrest all over the Middle East, with the possibility of Islamists taking over in Egypt and elsewhere.

Gotta wonder what’s going in the PDB these days.

Oakland is a more of a threat to Texas than most realize.

Intel tells us that Gonzaga won’t have another Cinderella year.

UCLA’s Malcolm Lee is probable.

And by the way, there’s a nuclear crisis in Japan. Might want to look into that, sir.

But on the other hand, the beaches in Rio should be perfect, sir. Have a great trip!

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