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Bachmann hits back on 57 states

Michelle Bachmann displays some savvy tactics in response to the hubbub about her Lexington and Concord mistake.  She illustrates a media double standard about gaffes and brings up the uncomfortable “57 states” gaffe.  Given the media’s interest in gaffes, here’s an idea.  Ask 100 members of Congress the following three simple questions:

1. What was the army that opposed the British at Lexington Green?

2. Who or what were the British trying to capture there?

3. Who was the President of the United States when the battle took place?

I’d lay odds out of 100 Congressmen, particularly critics of Bachmann, very few would get all three questions right.  Maybe PJM Washington Bureau Chief Richard Pollock can introduce some Bachmann critics to a camera up on Capitol Hill.  Here’s a clue to the answers  – you can find all the answers somewhere in the Constitution, and therein lies the basis for my prediction of failure if members of Congress were asked.

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