Newsweek rebrands "gun-grabbing" as "gun safety"

An article by Andrew Romano in the current issue of Newsweek engages in some sleight-of-hand in an effort to shill for gun control. The article, “2,405 Shot Dead Since Tucson,” attempts to rebrand “gun-grabbing” as “gun safety”. Check out some of these snippets:


By outspending, out-organizing, and out-politicking its opponents, the NRA persuaded Democrats, who can control Congress only if they control red districts, to abandon gun safety in the 1980s and 1990s, and since then it has successfully pressed for ever-looser local laws…

Few politicians are eager to paddle against such a powerful tide, which is why so many of them called for “a new era of civility” after one of their colleagues was shot in the head—as opposed to, say, a new era of gun safety.

It’s hard not to wonder whether Obama’s plan is to pacify liberal critics by continuing to mention some vague dream of addressing gun safety at some wispy future date—then to cross his fingers and hope they forget.

Gun-safety advocates would argue that Obama has a moral duty to stanch the bleeding…

Look beyond the hoary Washington logic, and it’s clear that the present moment may be peculiar enough, and the forces at work potent enough, to produce real movement on gun safety…

For years, the NRA has invoked the Second Amendment to oppose even the most limited gun-safety measures.

Tucson was the first mass shooting or assassination plot in years in which neither the shooter nor his target died in the melee—an outcome that will shape the media coverage in ways that may benefit the gun-safety cause.


Newsweek, or Newspeak? Rest assured there is no safety for guns in the establishment media’s Brave New World.

HT: The Truth About Guns


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