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Japan TV on Comcast

As Bryan just pointed out, Comcast has made Japan TV free for at least the next several days.  I just clicked it on, to a report on transportation, especially trains.

Rough translation (and believe me, my Japanese isn’t up to more than a rough translation) is that the trains are an unholy mess, with many major lines too damaged to run and requiring trackbed repairs before trains will be moving again.  Considering this quake was big enough that it moved the entire island of Honshu (the big one) eight feet east and made measurable changes in the Earth’s rotation, I suppose this isn’t a surprise.

Japan is very dependent on trains, this will not be a good thing.

Anyone whose Japanese is good enough to help us with translation, please contact us through the PJM Contact Page or contact me directly at crmpjm AT gmail DOT com..

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