The quake (Updated)

The footage we’re seeing from the quake in Japan is staggering. I was stationed in Japan when the Kobe quake struck, killing thousands in and around Kobe. That was a 6.8 on the USGS scale; today’s quake registered 8.9. That 1995 quake was devastating. Today’s was the largest that has ever struck Japan.


My family and friends are spread all over Japan. Thankfully, all are safe now but the aftershocks continue to hit. And Hawaii and our own west coast are under tsunami threat.

Update: There is a secondary concern that hasn’t cropped in the media coverage yet. Much of the quake’s zone is up in northern Japan, and temperatures have been icy there lately. With the power out, many people are going to be without heat tonight. So far, 200-300 are confirmed dead just in and around Sendai.


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