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Illinois: Racing to the Bottom

Illinois is getting quite a reputation for itself.

  • Illinois – Safe harbor for your dead-beat, cry-baby politicians.
  • Illinois – We’ll elect you…residency laws be damned!
  • Illinois – Taxing the Internet…keeping things “fair,” keeping you poor, keeping the state broke.

The Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn (D) signed a law that requires Internet retailers like to collect the 6.25% Illinois sales tax on affiliate sellers in the state.

Quinn has stated that the law is necessary to put brick and mortar stores on “a level playing field” with online retailers.  In this logic, the persistent damage of Leftist thought is laid bare.  While a conversation could exist that online retailers on Cyber Street get an advantage by not having to worry about excess taxes, the answer is not to tax them – the answer is to lessen the tax burden on the brick and mortar storefronts on Main Street!

With this faulty taxation logic clearly permeating their brains, Democrats will never see the fruits of their law.  Amazon has already said it will terminate their Illinois affiliates (as they have said they will drop 10,000 California affiliates if a law passes there as well.)

Congratulations, Illinois.  In a horrific economic climate, you made making a living just that much harder.

Illinois – A Nice Place To Visit, but you wouldn’t want to set up Cyber-shop there.

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